He Wines She Dines exists to celebrate memories made sharing good food and good drink with someone you love, and to appreciate the similarities and differences in how couples think about shared dining experiences.

Therapist by day, Foodie by night! The low down is that while I cannot boil water to save my life I grew up with a mom who was an amazing cook and introduced all types of tastes and recipes in to my world. With my own two now enjoying dorm food and college life I am ready to dine! My philosophy is comfort food, whatever the mood there’s always a perfect dish or venue. Recalling memories from the favorite dish you request on your birthday every year to the restaurant frequented that feels like home is a common thread for us all. Let’s get busy tasting and experiencing some new restaurants as well as revisiting some of the greats!

Food Reviews

A good meal with good company doesn’t just sustain the body; it sustains the soul. Share in our favorite culinary adventures and be inspired to create your own.


Drink Reviews

Whether we’re finding the perfect wine to compliment a perfect meal, or indulging in a round of craft cocktails; we’ve got thoughts on what you and yours should be drinking and why.


Tim acquired his passion for great food and wine while an executive for 7-Eleven and traveling the world. After years of amazing business dinners and tours through Napa he began collecting great wines from around the world and loves to share them with friends and family. He has eaten his way around the globe, from Sydney to Paris, Stockholm to Toronto, Madrid and Mexico City to Berlin. From restaurateurs to tequila distillers, he has helped countless brands build a following through innovative marketing concepts, but his passion is finding great wines from wineries you have yet to discover.

About Us

He Wines She Dines is a site dedicated to reviewing dining experiences from both partners’ perspectives. More than mere critics, we are a community of culinary couples that crave good date night spots, delicious new recipes, and sound advice on craft beer, fine wine, and exquisite cocktails. If this sounds like you and your special someone, apply to become a contributing couple today!


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