Welcome to the He Wines She Dines Podcast! We decided to start our podcast because we wanted to have a place to tell stories, talk about wine and share dining experiences from all around the world. We wanted to keep our episode short but long enough for a ride to work, a jog around the park or whatever 20-40-minute activity you normally partake in. We also wanted to bring you special guests that can provide you with a unique take on the world of wine. We will bring you restaurateurs, local celebrities, and people with a great knowledge of wine and fine dining. Lastly, we want to hear from you! We hope you will leave a comment, a review or share our episodes with your friends. We can’t wait to hear from you, and we hope you enjoy the podcast! Thanks for tuning in!

Today We Discuss Champagne and Bring On A Special Guest

Today we talk champagne and introduce you to a very special guest/ friend. He is the founder of Wing Stop, Pizza Patron and his most recent restaurant concept, Porch Swing. Meet Antonio Swad! We hope you enjoy!

Let Us Introduce Ourselves, Then Let’s Talk Wine.

We introduce ourselves in our first ever podcast! We can’t wait to bring you exciting guests and share travel adventures as we talk wine and current events. Tune in every month for a new episode!

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