Everyone gets busier as the holidays roll around. People’s calendars get booked with Christmas parties, whether it is with family, friends or their jobs. If you happen to be the host, there can be a lot of pressure to throw a fun Christmas party – not the one where attendees are waiting for the perfect moment to escape the small-talk torture. We have gathered a few tips to help ensure you throw the best holiday party of the season.

  1. Incorporate Seasonal Elements Into Your Venue

Whether you are hosting in your home, workplace, or a gorgeous modern venue, you want to bring the essence of the holiday into the atmosphere. Hang up Christmas lights, garland and put up a tree. Nail up a Christmas wreath to hang on your front door so that your guests are greeted with holiday cheer right from the beginning. Part of feeling the magic of the holiday is the beautiful decoration displays.

  1. Dress Up!

Encourage your guests to dress up. If you are looking to host a more sophisticated party, don’t be afraid to ask your guests to dress in formal wear, so attendees are in beautiful dresses and dashing suits. If you are looking to be less traditional, have an ugly Christmas sweater party! Tell your guests to wear their silliest holiday sweater to bring holiday cheer to the atmosphere.

  1. Cheese, Please.

Rather than cook an elaborate meal, place various meat and cheese boards around your venue for your guests to enjoy. Fig jam, hummus, and crackers are a must for any cheese board combination. Feel free to add strawberries and grapes or red and green chocolates to bring some holiday color to the boards. Don’t forget to add cute decorative napkins and plates so guests can serve themselves without having to worry about messy finger food.

  1. Wine All Night!

Parties are not complete without He Wines She Dines champagne and wine. Light-bodied reds go best with cheese boards and you can’t have a party without a little champagne! Stock your open bar with bottles of Champagne Sacret Brut and Everyday Red to make sure you guests are satisfied and well served! Guests can help themselves to as much wine as they can handle and will never feel like there isn’t enough to go around. Not your holiday party? Gifting a bottle of wine to any host will get you that guest of honor title!




Jennifer Mccallum
Jennifer Mccallum
Jennifer, aka She Dines… Therapist by day, Foodie by night! She can't boil water but knows great food, especially dessert! Jennifer is the co-founder of He Wines She Dines.
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