Today we’d like to introduce you to Tim and Jennifer McCallum.

He Wines She Dines began long before the name. Tim and Jennifer McCallum fell in love with each other over delicious food and great drinks two decades ago when they started dating! About two years ago, Tim gave Jennifer a blank journal and bought the website to celebrate a new chapter in their lives as their children left the nest for college. The goal was to create He Wines She Dines, a unique couple’s foodie site for restaurant reviews, food and drink recipes, and blog features. Each review is from a his and her perspective because they know men and women have unique experiences and see food and drinks different from one another. Their site is dedicated to promoting and uplifting great eateries, awesome drinks, time tested wines and the wonderful people who pour their souls into making their experiences enjoyable.

After traveling the world and meeting growers from all over, Tim and Jen decided that they wanted to start their own wine club and thus Club Jeroboam was born. Club Jeroboam is a unique subscription luxury wine club where members can enjoy a rare selection of wines hand-picked to fit your personal profile. They source wines from small family owned vineyards whenever possible therefore many of their wines are hard to find in the states. They have also created their own label of wine, He Wines She Dines, which you will only find on their site and in a few restaurants in the Dallas area.

We’re always bombarded by how great it is to pursue your passion, etc. – but we’ve spoken with enough people to know that it’s not always easy. Overall, would you say things have been easy for you?
Is it really ever a smooth road when you’re starting your own business? Overall, Jen and I knew what we wanted to do, but we didn’t realize how many barriers there would be. We ran into many governmental regulations, licenses, and zoning issues that needed to be figured out just to fulfill our simple mission. What was something we wanted to do together for fun, soon turned into a larger project creating a lot of stress for the both of us. We learned to keep the important things front and center – finding the growers, trying the wines, and traveling to unique places together, as a couple.

We’d love to hear more about your business.
We are a foodie review site as well as a subscription-based wine club. The wines we send are either from our own He Wines She Dines label, sourced from our partner growers that only we have access to, or are wines we curate and love. You won’t find many of these wines at your local grocery or wine store, making us the only U.S. outlet to get them at. Unlike other wine clubs, we only send our members what we would drink ourselves. And trust us, we’re picky.

We strive to create a unique experience for our members. We have them take a short survey when they join that helps us identify their taste in wine. We will then hand pick unique bottles sure to delight their taste-buds. Not only does each shipment come with our personally curated wine, but also a featured item from a company we partner with that we know couples will enjoy. These items also complement the season and wine in that specific box perfectly.

Our wine dinners and wine tastings for our members have been a huge hit and are a great way to spread the word about our business and our wine! Everything we do is centered around couples, whether that be experiencing new wines, visiting new places, or just enjoying each other’s company. Every review and box have something to do with experiencing it together as a couple. Many other review sites are focused on the writer, but we are focused specifically on our readers and members and what they would enjoy.

We are proud to say that He Wines She Dines has brought our family together. We often take our grown kids to wine festivals and it’s wonderful to have our whole family working together and explaining our wines to customers. Many times, we have the longest lines at these festivals so it’s great to have the kids want to come and help us out.

If you had to start over, what would you do differently? If we could rewind time and start from scratch, we would’ve quit our jobs and sunk ourselves into He Wines She Dines immediately. We have had so much success in creating this business but overall it has taken us much longer than anticipated. We have had to fit everything into long weekends and vacations but if we could’ve started doing this full time, we would be much further ahead.


$49/month or every other month for Standard Membership (The Standard level membership includes three bottles of delicious wine, hand picked from our carefully curated collection to perfectly match your flavor preferences.)
$99/month or every other month for Club Jeroboam (The Club Jeroboam membership includes three bottles of premium wine, hand picked from our carefully curated collection to perfectly match your flavor preferences, many of which have been exclusively procured from our partnered winemakers all over the world.)
$99/month or every other month for Club Cuvée (The Club Cuvée membership includes two bottles of premium sparkling wine, hand picked from our carefully curated collection to perfectly match your flavor preferences, many of which have been exclusively procured from our partnered winemakers in Champagne, France and Northern Spain. Bubbles enthusiasts, rejoice!)


Tim Mccallum
Tim Mccallum
Tim, aka He Wines… Marketer by day, Wino by Night! Tim has a passion for great wine and traveling the world. Tim is the co-founder of He Wines She Dines.
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