Want to host the perfect summer event that is different than all other parties you will attend this summer? This event we’re about to share with you is as simple as it sounds and does not require a lot of knowledge on the topic, though it makes your guests think that you are a true wine connoisseur. What is this glamorous event you may ask? An in-house wine tasting! Invite friends and family over to experience your favorite wines while learning how to throw the perfect wine tasting event. The only prior knowledge you need to have is that you in fact do love wine! Read below for 5 simple steps to making this event a true success:


1.) GUEST LIST: The first step is deciphering which friends or family you want to attend the tasting- anywhere between 10 and 20 people is a good number so that you have enough different taste palates, but not too many.
2.) THEME: The next step is determining the theme of your event whether that be choosing variety (sampling one type of wine from different locations around the world,) value (setting a dollar amount to the wine you are tasting), style (whether that be a selection of light rosés or bold reds), vintage (finding multiple vintages of the same wine), or (pot-luck type of tasting where everyone brings their own wine).
3.) FOOD: After determining which wines you want your guests to try, put a little thought into what foods pair well with each wine so that you can have your guests compare how the aroma and flavors of each wine are enhanced by each type of food. Choose 5-7 different foods that will bring out different undertones of each wine and that compliment certain wines.
4.) SUPPLIES: The next step is ensuring you have the right supplies for the party. These supplies include clear glassware that is appropriate for the different types of wines that you are tasting (all glasses must have stems so that one’s hands do not warm the wines), a white table cloth so that your guests can see the color of the wine, palate cleansers such as neutral crackers or bread to ensure that each wine is cleared from your mouth before tasting the next, water, paper and pens to document what you are tasting in order to remember for conversation later, and spit buckets because in fact spitting out the wine rather than swallowing it will give you the best chance to fully taste each wine separate from others.
5.) SERVING THE WINE: Ensure that your wine is properly served to your guests. Serving could be in order of light to richer whites, rosés, light to bold reds, and then dessert wines if you are serving different types of wine. Also, be aware that the wine is served at the correct temperature. The proper temperature to serve different wines at is as follows: bubbles 40-45 degrees, whites 40-50 degrees, and reds 55-65 degrees.


Enjoy this time to learn more about wine surrounded by friends and family! Remember that if you are ever having an event you are always welcome to email us at hewines@hewinesshedines.com and can request certain wines that we will send right to your door! Also, if you are looking at these steps and realizing that you love this event idea but just simply don’t have the time to pursue it on your own, have us put it on for you and visit HWSD Tastings for more information!


Tim Mccallum
Tim Mccallum
Tim, aka He Wines… Marketer by day, Wino by Night! Tim has a passion for great wine and traveling the world. Tim is the co-founder of He Wines She Dines.
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